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  1. FlyingTyger

    Plane Tiny Twister 1.0

    Tiny Twister A micro fun-fly design for 3mm foam construction Span: 18" RTF weight of prototype: 74 grams Components used in prototype: Motor - Hobbyking 5g, 2000kv outrunner with a 5x3 prop Battery - 2 cell, 300mah LiPo ESC/Rx - Spektrum brushless ESC/Rx brick Servos - Spektrum linear servos...
  2. CraftyPilot

    Plane Micro size Long EZ 1.1

    This is my take on the classic Long EZ but in a small size. It has a wingspan of 560mm and should weigh about 100g including battery and electronics. It's not a beginner build and will take some effort to trim and fly. There is not build video as the small amount of parts shouldn't be too hard...
  3. Joe Carpino

    DIY Slow-fly F-4 Phantom

    I designed this about a year or 2 back and I remade the plans so I'm uploading them here so i can attach the link to my YouTube video. Feel free to check it out! DIY Mini Drone into RC F-4 PHANTOM! [FREE PLANS] - YouTube And here's the plans:
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  7. PlanesAndThings

    Help! How to scale down PDF plans

    How do you scale down PDF plans for planes?? I wanted to make a mini ShrubSmacker out of cardboard as a prototype, but I have no idea how to scale down plans. Thanks in advance, _________Planesandthings
  8. glideher

    Micro Lazy Bee Balsa 10" wing span

    here are some pictures of this here micro lazy bee, 10" wing span, 25 gram flying weight, next version will be under 19 grams and fly a lot slower
  9. SP0NZ

    Plane EZ Intruder Beta 1.0

    Here is the Beta 1 version of the EZ Intruder! Great back yard or indoor flyer. These are BETA plans for the EZ Intruder. This model airplane is designed to use the Flite Test 2CH EZ Power Pack available on the Flite Test store. The aircraft is designed to use Flite Test Maker Foam or...
  10. "Corpse"

    Should I?

    Ok, so @The Hangar and I were hanging out a while back, and we traded a few motors. Long story short he gave me my motor back attached to a power pack a firewall. This kinda put a grin on my face. I had the ludicrous idea of putting power pack C electronics in something super small like a mini...
  11. JGplanes

    FT DHC-2 Beaver review and first impressions video

    I promised you guys, when this came out, I'd post a review on my YouTube channel. Well, it's out! And the verdict is... Since the video, I've had a chance to mess around with it a little more, and I finally found something minor to pick on. The foam landing gear legs, just behind where the...
  12. ScottyWarpNine

    FT Micro DHC-2 Beaver Unboxing and Assembly

    I made a quick unboxing and assembly video for the new FT Micro Beaver! It went together way easier than I thought it would. Can't wait for some warmer weather to fly it!
  13. FoamyDM

    Plane Foamy Spruce Gosling 1.0

    This Football field wing-span plane had held the world record as the larges plane the Movie the Aviator documented the life of its creator Howard Hughes... the H-4 Hercules mockling called the Spruce Goose, a name it will be forever known by: I have built this craft and know that it will...
  14. FoamyDM

    Micro P-38 - No Controls Just Thrust build

    FoamyDM's Wild Hair: Late october In the midst of building like a fool and drooling over the Soon to be released FT P-38. I had long ago noted Horseman P-38 build at Flitetest 2018, and vowed to build it. I had been on a bit of a PowerUp micro kick and thought... the P-38 might just be a decent...
  15. N

    Scratch Vapor, Needs Electronics

    So I've been looking at the E-Flite/Parkzone Vapors. I"m really wanting one because I live in the suburbs of SoCal and our backyard is pretty small. It's starting to be summer and I'm trying to find something I can fly around on calm nights while the rest of the fam are in the pool and the...
  16. Robinder

    RR Finch - Ultra Micro Glider

    Hi all, new to the forum but a long-time supporter of the FT community and videos. Just got into the foamboard planes, and completed my first two builds: the Alpha and then the Sparrow glider (the second as a gift for the kids at Christmas). I got thinking that it would be super fun to have an...
  17. FoamyDM

    Spruce Gosling by FoamyDM

    THE BLOODY GOOSE IS DESIGNED! After scaling it to 3" blades with the intent of quick and easy build, I realize the bloody build style doesn't allow for boat plane building... I kept on anyway. This "tiny" plane is enormous. at this scale it is still a 52" wingspan, 35" long and 4 boards, way...
  18. ShrimpRex

    All in one micro esc?

    All in one control board with reciever, esc and 2x servos (for tiny builds). Okay so I know these are a thing. They are in everything from small warbirds to medium sized models. I have looked but I just can't find one online though. Anyone have any ideas on where to get them so I don't have to...
  19. Snarls

    Endurance Quadcopter Build-Off

    This is going to be a fun one. For once, I am not dealing with maximizing acrobatic performance, speed, or camera stability. No, this time it is just that: time. Flight time specifically. My friend challenged me to a build off. Who can get the longest flight time from two 18650b batteries...
  20. fliteadmin

    Part micro RunCam Split 3D Pod 1.0

    This is a Micro RunCam Split enclosure that fits the aesthetics of the FliteTest Dart and the Sparrow. It houses a full micro RunCam Split and a VTX and gives you the capability of being able to swap it out in different planes without re-soldering anything. Click the download button on...