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Dumb Luck with the Radian

I bought a Night Radian yesterday, and in my excitement to fly it, I went through assembly without reading the manual (I know how to use screws, right?). As it turns out, I don't. I somehow continued my tradition of successful maiden flights, got a good 25 minutes out of it without taking the battery too low, and brought it down safely. Today I went to check something (can't even remember what at this point) in the manual and saw that I put the screws that hold the wings in through the top and not the bottom. The only thing holding my wings on through that fairly rough maiden flight was the friction of the main spar and maybe 1mm of overlap of the screws coming through to the bottom plate. Going forward I'm going to put my wings on correctly, but I'm shocked that I both didn't notice and didn't have my plane fall apart midflight.