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Dumb Misconceptions of Your Past


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What was a really dumb thing you used to think and act upon in RC? I actually have a couple of them...

Up until a few months ago, I thought I was cursed because my brushed motor Tiny Whoop had the same power of a mouse on anesthesia, but when I began to research brushless Whoop stuff I found that brushed motors only last for about 6 hours of flight and I estimate that my motors have at least 8 hours on them. Also, I used to think that it was best to store batteries at full charge... I grew out of that one fast, thankfully.

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Hmm, ailerons for me. I thought they needed to be going the other way, and finally decided to reverse them as I couldn’t seem to see what else could be the issue. Then it worked, so I figured on a pusher prop plane (it was in the ft-22) ailerons were reversed. That was a long time ago, and I learned my lesson! 🤣🤣 Also, the first time I set up a v tail I set them up as elevons. Checked, double checked, and triple checked that they were going the “correct” way. Finally reversed them since it seemed like the issue was the surfaces were reversed. It stumped me when it did fly normal with the surfaces “reversed” and then I realized that you need to think of them as “ruddervons” not elevons. Lol :LOL: