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Dumb quad pilots

So i have been flying multirotor's for about a year and fpv about 5 months. I will never claim to be a expert hell 80% i google.

I digress so i am a member of a local mutlirotor club and we meet regularly. But we do get guests and random new people. One of the newer members is doing fpv with a 250 quad zipping thus way and that. He got it in his head to do a low pass fly by on the group that is just relaxing waiting in batteries or shooting the breeze.

Long story short his approach was bad and i was able to save my head/face by sacrificing my left hand to swat the quaf away.

Now our club banned carbon fiber props, you must pass a fpv cour ect ect.

12 stiches and 2 tubes of glue to put my left hand back together. I wont be able to fly for 2-3+ weeks and i may have permanent damage to my left thumb.

Be wary of new people, fly safe.


Hostage Taker of Quads
Rule Breakers are Rule Makers :(

Sad story for sure, and hopefuly others will learn this guy's lesson the easy way (and others don't have to share in the "experience" like you have).

FWIW, Praying for your hand -- Get better soon Lynx!
Thanks dan! I wad going to put pics but my hand is hamburger right now. But he is going to pay all medical expenses and give me compensation for pain and suffering.
Couldn't you have just ducked? :eek:

Seriously though, best wished on a speedy recovery!

I appreciate the occasional reminder to pay extra attention around people who's skills I'm unsure of.

Are you able to build in your downtime from flying...or are you completely out of commission?
I wish i had time to duck, but after a while i belive you become desensitized to the noise a mutlirotor makes. Or, at least it was white noise to me.

I was starting my bicopter build but i only got two useable fingers on my left hand so it will be a fun challenge. Just gotta figure out how to do it with a cc3d.
That sucks man..being injured is so crappy. Especially a foot or hand. I wish you a speedy recovery to 100%.
I recently may have run a guy off from our flying spot because after the 5th time buzzing me on the flight line and doing flips above my head and our pit area, I had to have a talk with him.. Some people just don't realize the dangers of 4 razor sharp blades spinning real fast.. And cant understand why someone would have a low tolerance for recklessness.. I'm the guy that will tell you exactly what your doing wrong, and what can be done to make it safe and fun for everyone.. Glitches happen and so do pilot errors.
What really upset me is i had a tournament 3d archery shoot this weekend i was competing in and was going to use my quad to record.

Oh well i guess lol. Alwasy have to have a brightside.
Sorry to hear about your hand that really sucks. Just a question what did you use the hot glue for on your hand? Or was that just a joke that I totally missed?
Man that sucks. It's a shame some people just don't think and do dumb stuff like that. The worse part is how hard it is to explain to them how dangerous it is. You always get the "I'm not going to hit you", "I know what I'm doing" response that makes me want to slap them. Even if they never make a mistake as a pilot you have malfunctions, a gust of wind, etc.
Sorry for your injuries, Praying for quick and complete healing for you! There have been quite a few post on here recently about prop accidents, Let us all be mindful of safety for ourselves and especially others around us!


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The medical super glue. Hot glue is a idea ill try lol. Next time i get mauled by a quad.
I hope you are joking...please do not use hot glue... Medical adhesive is basically superglue that is not as brittle and the packaging is completely sterile.

With my multirotor case I have a first aid kit that includes bandages, gauze, saline, and butterfly sutures. I may add an Israeli Bandage also. I know basic first aid and CPR. If God forbid my multirotor were to hit someone it wouldn't be because I was doing speed passes near a crowd and I would be prepared. I hope you make a full recovery. I had a bad hand injury working on a motorcycle, 13 stitches later and a painful recovery...I am lucky to still have full range of my fingers...


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Completely irresponsible to buzz people like that. I will admit to having flown nearer to some people than the AMA would advise, but I'm always trying to think, "If control and video cut out right now, or if I lost a prop, what would the ultimate trajectory of the copter be?"

I sort of don't see the point of CF props on mini quads. Minis break props so often that it just seems like an expensive proposition. And it's not like mini quad pilots are hurting for power with nylon/glass props.