Duplicate DARPA project

L Edge

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Modify and enlargen a transport to carry a UAV so they can launch, carry out a mission, recover and land with UAV(s) and their data.

Would like the Flite test team to try this.
1) Pick a micro drone for the project.
2) Enlargen a transport (Guinea Pig, Bronco,etc.) so it can carry aboard a micro quad copter that is held in place.
3) At mission site, eject micro quad copter from transport.
4) Fly around mission site and gather data (pictures or video if possible).
5) Have the transport RECOVER (internal if possible) the quad copter. If not, can you say velcro for the catch.
6) Make a safe landing.

Dynetics is the company that has the DARPA contract.
PM for futher consideration and details.


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Its already been done several times. Look thru the ft videos.

This is all done as a hobby. If you came here hawking free engineering for government projects I dont see you getting much support since they are actively trying to stop us from flying.

If this is a show suggestion and its a ficticious scenerio then as I said its been done and I appologise. NOT if you are a buisness taking advantage of intellegent and generally nice peoples shareing.

L Edge

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Could you link me to such a video.
I am only a RC person, not with any agency. To eject and retreive a drone from a cargo bay is really a tough problem. Imangine the videos by FT, should be some good laughs.


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To recover your drone, imagine towing a banner made of netting. Just fly the drone into the netting and the props will grab the netting.