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Hello from the UK
1st of all a great site well done.
A quick question are the free build plans available in a dxf or svg format
f22 looks fantastic and will build out of 3mm laser ply, also what scale are the drawings in.
Thanks in advance


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they currently are not, you have to import them and trace them, the export as a .svg file. not hard but a little tedious. as for what the actual scale is compared to real aircraft, no idea. i just make sure to import @ 100% current scale, then do the work in inkscape that way i know i at least have it matching.

good luck,

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The plans on FT are in PDF. What you can do is down load InkScape as it is free there bring it in the program and then goto file and
save as: dxf or svg. Inkscape defaults svg. hopes this helps.


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Thanks Chaps,
a little tedious sure but worth the effort
Gonna be busy on the CNC tomorrow

Screenshot 2018-12-31 00.21.08.png


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Happy new year All
update on the f22 , once the ply arrives I'm ready to go
hope you like the mods - stuff in yellow is 3d printed

Screenshot 2018-12-31 16.40.26.png

Screenshot 2018-12-31 16.40.44.png


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cool. be careful with the 3D printed stuff, it is quite a bit heavier than foam board and can really mess with CG. don't ask me how i know...

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Not using foam board,
This sucker is 3mm laser ply,


I know nothing!
3mm laser ply
I Have to build it, weigh it and sort out a motor with a prop
this is what you call a scratch build

Cheaper than the last thing i built

View attachment 121201
Hey, that looks just like the one I built! Ok. No. Not really. Not only could I not build that, I don't think I could dream it. That's just insane!

Fine. Go build your wooden plane, Mr. cncman. Good luck with having the skillz to pull that... Oh wait.

Ok. I'm done kidding around. :p Dude, I cannot wait to see that plane build and flight! You gotta give us a build thread and maiden video. *stands up straight and does his best Abraham Lincoln pose* Sir, it would be a disservice to this great community of ours if you did not! Harrumph!


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More of a Winston Churchill as i come from the uk,

Never in the field of human scratch build, was so much owed to so many by so few.

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