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E-flite UMX GeeBee R2


Staff member

In this episode of Flite Test Josh and Josh review the GeeBee R2! This ultra micro is an amazing plane, despite the bad reputation. It can go fast and also handle an amazing amount of wind, thanks to the AS3X. Watch this video to see more!



Junior Member
As always, Great video guys! I look forward to your videos every week. Ha ha I cant believe how much food you got in an Ultra Micro. Looks like a great little plane but I think I will wait for the UMX Carbon Cub.


Monkey/Bear Poker
I am surprised that the plane cut the air as well as it did. I have always liked the style of the GeeBee, but because of the characteristics of the plane I never thought I would have one.
This is one that will have a rightful place in my hanger!

Thanks for the review and nice job as always to the Flitetest cast and crew!!!

Ak Flyer

Fly the wings off
Good review, very surprising how well it flew in wind. Glad to see Josh Scott at the controls. I figured being a Gee Bee that even Bixler would have a hard time with it.