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Eachine EV200D AV in (help needed)


Cardboard Boy
Hello, I have been the happy owner of the eachine EV200D since they came out and I cant really complain about anything (beside short battery life when using 2 recievers I guess) but I have an issue of which I didnt find an answer.

It has a jack port as av in/out but I havent found any way to use it as AV in, apparently it is set through menus and some peoples managed to do it but I havent found anything about that.

My goggles were flashed to the new firmware version so that isnt an old version glitch.

If anyone happens to know, please help me


Cardboard Boy
Solved, turns out the wiring for the AV in port is really damn weird so I had to do some surgery.
I removed the old jack socket and put in a new with custom wiring


Cardboard Boy
Not much since last time, it just needs a few cosmetics to be ready for the maker faire but im mostly focused on the Falken now.
The tank looks good enough for the expo, not the Falken.