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EASYSTAR Glider prop and motor direction????? Help

Hey again,
Just one thing that is confusing me is which way does the motor turn and what way is the prop put on, (where does the writing face) So.. If I were looking at the nose(towards the tail which way should the motor be turning and what way does the prop be mounted on, Thanks


More combat please...
-Resolve the motor direction first.
With the prop on either way, air should be moving toward the tail.

-Most props the writing will go toward the front of the plane.
The prop will "blow" air whichever way you put it on, however; it will work efficiently only if placed facing the right way.
Look closely at the prop shape. There will be a slightly concave side, and a slightly convex side.
The convex side will face toward the front of the plane, the concave side will face the rear of the plane.