Eclipson Model V2


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I've been enjoying the previous Eclipson Model V for a while, and saw that a Model V2 was released. Among a few other improvements, I was very happy to see they switched the hinge method to a carbon rod. I was never a fan of tape hinges on PLA, so this was reason enough to build a new Model V2.

In any event, I just finished the Model V2 this morning. I wasn't sure about the green and yellow (it's all I had enough of on hand), but I really like how it came out.

The GCODE files were spot on and printed pretty fast, I got everything printed in under 3 days. CG was easy to get where they indicated using a 1000mah pack. The V1 flew great, so I expect this to be just as good, but with better/stronger control surfaces.

My fingers are crossed that it'll survive until FliteFest! ;)



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Was it a free upgrade since you already bought the original V? I am debating getting the V2 but haven't flown my original V yet.