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EDF performances

Hi, I was interested in having an idea of the limits of an average electric ducted fan in terms of temperature ranges. I’ve made some research but there isn’t any general knowledge about this specific topic. I’m hoping to hear form you soon.
Thank you.
~Matteo Dobrich


Legendary member
I find my motors are more prone to overheating with outside temperatures above 95F. Checking the temperature of your motor after each flight is a good practice. A warm motor is OK but if it is hot enough that you can’t hold it for 30 seconds or so, it’s too hot.
as long as the motor is relatively dirt free and has airflow(it kinda has to have airflow to work)it probably wont overheat. The ESC on the other had can easily be over strained, and thus overheated. All you have to do to keep your ESC from over heating is make sure these are true:
1. no resistance on the edf blades that shouldn't be there.
2. large enough opening so the EDF can take in enough air.
3. some air running over the ESC
4. Make sure the EDF matches is appropriate for the motor size.(if they came together, you can bet its correct.)
5. make sure you are using the correct voltage battery.
6. anything that would cause extra resistance than what it was designed for.

but as long as you keep your 20% rule, which means having your ESC rated for 20% more amps than your motor will draw at full throttle(you should be able to find these figures on the packaging, or online), you are almost certainly going to be OK.

have fun!