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eflite hyper taxi


FTafterhours podcast host
So whats everyones thoughts on eflites new product the hyper taxi? The design is not really new but with the as3x it could be alot of fun indoors and out. Just wish you could try one out before shelling out $170.00
I was extremely disappointed in the hyper taxi when I saw it. Mostly because they built up a lot of hype for some grand new unveiling that turned out to be something that really already existed -and in my opinion, has a horribly cheesy and unattractive design scheme to go with it.

This is one model that I really hope Horizon doesn't push flitetest to feature in an episode. And that says something.
But, that's just this guy's opinion. I hope the people that do get it have boatloads of fun with it. Just not my cuppa tea.