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Eflite P47 razorback and Spectrum DX6e binding with AS3x and Safe

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I have the P47 but I cannot activate the AS3X and safe. There is a way to do it with a 6 channel xmitter. I can bind to it but na as3X or safe. Any thoughts?


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SAFE system has nothing to do with the bind. It's a feature after the bund is made. Sometimes to bind I have had to walk away from the model to the other side of the room, you need distance for it to read the Tx. Try that

Captain Video

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Battleaxe, thanks for the reply. I did not make myself clear. It is my understanding that since the DX6 is only six channels there is some compromise to the AS3x operation and thus need a special set up for the controller. I can fly it but I would like to have it functioning. I know it is not as I have an apprentice 1.5 which also has it but does not have as many channels tied up. I saw a thread somewhere but have not found it as yet. I seem to recall the AS3x is not functional while the wheels are down but is while they are up. Even I follow the steps in the manual but with no success. I will look at the video link Psyborg provided.


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Did you first set up your transmitter and then do the PROPER bind procedure to enable safe select. To enable Safe once the receiver is in bind mode with power on, remove the bind plug then move away from the model and then turn on your transmitter. But you first have to set up your DX6i before this all happens. If you do not want Safe then bind as usual with leaving the bind plug in while binding.




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Thanks. I will try that. I have been binding as usual.
I've been having a similar issue with the E Flite F16 and trying to set it so you can assign a switch to turn on/off safe. At first I was told you need more than 6 channels but a guy at a local hobby shop worked on my radio with a possible work around. I just haven't been able to get back to it mess with it. When I try and hold the sticks down and in and flip the switch to assign it...nada! Nothing happens. Pretty frustrating. I off work next week and gonna play with it when I have some time.


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Hey, have you tried to download the plane setup from spektrum and get it on to your reciever? They have a bunch of planes. You copy the file to the SD card in your reciever and then create a new model using that file. You can also get the bluetooth dongle from spektrum, think its like $35 on Amazon, download their app for android or iPhone and then load it there. It has the default settings for the receive.
I know that of you do a standard bind process it just sets the reciever to AS3X. If you pull the bind plug right after connecting the battery and then bind, it's safe select mode. Watch that video in this thread because that dude covers it.

Check this out from a PC. Doesn't seem to like mobile browsers but it has model presets.



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I've got an old 6i. Is yours new enough to have a usb connector and 3 position switch? If you don't have a 3 position switch your limited on what you can do.


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I finally got safe select working in mine. Gotta say the spektrum and E-flite docs could be much much better. According to just about everything I've seen or read with the E-flite F16, when you are pulling sticks in and down and toggling switch to assign it to Safe Select, after the 5th one the elevator should waggle. It doesn't. During the process of toggling, the rudder moves like it's going from low to high rates. After the last toggle, the receiver light goes off then back on a few seconds later.
On my maiden flight I left it on safe and didn't even retract the gear. It is my first EDF after all and only 3 months after getting back into the hobby flying a supped up FT cub. 😋 the next couple flights I still wasn't sure safe was still working until I went vertical. I couldn't increase the AOA more than maybe 75°. Next time I'll
at least try a simple loop really be sure but after all...with the AS3X...this thing flies so amazingly. Already thinking about doing the bind again without safe select. In the meantime, I need to work on slow high alpha to slow down landings. The roll out after landings can be a bit much...especially without flaps to slow you down.

First landing. Sun was low but that thing rolled forever it seemed.