NX10 programming EFLR310013


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Hi All, I recently returned to flying and bought an NX10 and it’s great. I have no problems connecting and programming SAFE/AS3X using forward programming on newer receivers (ie AR631 and AR637T), but I want to use a bunch of old Apprentice type receivers, EFLR310013 that I have left over from 7 years ago. Forward programming is not an option listed for these old receivers. I tried the usual older programming with reversing Aux1, and have tried manipulating the GEAR channel and some other settings, but I’m having no throttle function. I can get all servos working and it appears to try to self level with SAFE, but the throttle stick remains frustratingly dead. I’ve switched to multiple receivers, have changed ESC’s, tried reprogramming the ESC, have confirmed motor function with an old AR636 AS3X receiver, but I can’t get these older SAFE receivers to work. Anybody have any ideas? My old DX9 Tx died, hence the NX10. Thank you in advance for any help. Michael