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Electricals for Simple cub build

I have yet to start building but used a birthday to collect some components. Would have liked a FT c pack but exchange rate and postage put this beyond me. So bought the equivalent from HK. This is the motor I have and now that I have it I can see it will need to be attached to the firewall directly as the adapter cross is too big. It is rated at 18 amps max so I bought a 30 amp esc (attached photo). Leaflet with motor suggests 40amp esc. I also have 9g servos and necessary cabling. I assume motor connections are 3.5mm bullets but where do I measure to be sure. I need to get solder on connections for the esc to match. I also have 10x4.5 slow fly props and will run a 3s battery. Am I in the ball park or way off? TIA.


Hi Merv
Unfortunately for this particular motor they didn't list connectors however similar motors are showing 3.5mm bullets so I am assuming this will be the same.



Elite member
Hello, everyone you will need to solder 3.5 female connector to the esc. but before you do that I think you will need the 40a esc for it. i believe i have that same motor on one of my builds. and i had the same setup with a 30a witch kept shutting down wile i was in the air. fortunately i had a spare 40a and it worked good. you said the leaflet suggest a 40a .


Master member
You MAY be alright with the 30 amp ESC I have the ( not the same but close ) Turnigy NTM 28-36 1,000kv running a 10X5 slow fly on 3S it pulls 21 amps 250 watts on 4S 10X5 slow fly prop it pulls 25 amps.370 watts. Gemfan prop in the same size results are close to the same Gemfan pulls a few less amps.