Electrohub with Flip 1.5 and Dx4e. Help?


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I have just built the spider quad from FliteTest using the electronics pack from RTF Quads. I am using the pre-flashed Flip 1.5 and a spectrum dx4e and cannot arm the motors on the transmitter.
Can anyone help me with this issue?



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I'm not familiar with the DX4e but seeing that it doesn't have the ability to adjust the throws of your sticks in the menu (as it doesn't have a menu) I'm afraid you're outta luck. I started of the DX5e with the same problem. For stick arming the low/high ends of your sticks have to reach a number below/above the min/max throttle. (At least I believe it's in correation to the min max values). I found most radios don't until you extend the values via the menu on your TX. SInce you also don't have a mode switch on that TX you also can't use that to arm.

Even if you did, it also won't let you set your sub trims properly which will introduce more problems down the line.

You'll need to get at least a DX6 or some othe radio with a menu to adjust those things.


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Thanks for the help NHS77.
If I had a Dx6 (for example), then i could do all the programming stuff on the tx, and not have to use a configurator?

kind regards, Finn