Electronic CG Scale with a webinterface


Hey Girls and Guys,

I'd like to show you a little project of mine. I've built a Webbased CG Scale! The frame of the scale is 3D printed and then I am using a ESP8266 to either open a Wifi Hotspot or connect to the home wifi so you can access a webpage e.g. on your phone to see the CG! And this opens up quite a few possiblities for example you can save the plane with name and cg. I heared that we sometimes crash our plane so you don't have to remember what CG you wanted. Also if you fly the plane and change the CG during flight cause of a better stick feel you can easily check the new cg and save it as well. Basically it opens up a lot of fun options. Also you don't have any moving parts anymore.

Why did I do it well basically I think it's fun usefull and the most important thing because I can. ;)

Anyway before writing more here is a video of an older version so you see what I mean:

If you like the project and and want to try it, feel free to ask questions and here is a link to my code and some additional information:

Just to be clear the code is written from scratch by me but for the current version you need to print the 3D printed parts from the original CG Scale version!

And if you don't know what an ESP is thats not problem it's just a small microcontroller with builtin wifi and bluetooth.
The bom looks like this:

1x ESP32 e.g. Wemos D1 Mini, Geekcreit ~8$
2x HX711 24 bit A/d-wandler ~1,85$ both
1x 3kg YZC-133 ~2,50$
1x 2kg YZC-133 ~2,50$
+ some filament for the 3D printing parts.

I am currently working on designing a new frame for the CG Scale so different ESP can easily fitted into it.

Btw, if you decide to build it and like it there is a small donate button, if you feel like it! ;)

Feel free to ask questions! :)
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