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Electronics problem

i just built the ft-arrow, had a lot of fun doing it, but when i went to set up my electronics i was not able to get the esc to initialize. Any idea why it would do this.

  • Spektrum Dx6i
  • Spektrum AR400
  • Emax 12amp esc
  • Emax MT1806-2280KV motor
  • 2 E-flite 9-grams servos
Does the receiver boot up? Can you move the control surfaces? Try moving the throttle to full before powering the receiver, wait for a series of tones and lower it to minimum. This will calibrate your ESC to your transmitter. (DO THIS WITH THE PROP REMOVED PLEASE!) More information and any photos would help us help you.

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Do you have another plane in which everything works properly?

If you do try using it as a test bed for each part in turn. Do not use the suspect ESC into the existing plane in case the ESC is faulty but check all the other pieces one at a time for functionality.


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Assuming the receiver is bound to the TX, you should try calibrating the ESC.

It can vary between different brands but the usual procedure is to switch on the TX make sure the throttle trim is centered and you don't have some weird throttle curve or other mix configure. Then put the throttle stick to its max position and power on the ESC and RX. The ESC should make some noise. Then pull the throttle to its minimum position. The ESC may make some noise. Then cycle the power on the ESC leaving the throttle down and see if the ESC arms...It will make some noises...


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Do you have the esc and servo wires hooked properly to the receiver? Signal wire yellow or white should be up on Specktrum receivers. Power wire from ESC in the proper place? Is the receiver light blinking or even coming on?
i have done all of that except for the test bed, the weird thing is, i have tried to a different receiver with a different motor and esc, so i have no idea what is wrong, also i have bound the the receiver multiple times, i am starting to think that it may be my TX


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During the binding process with your DX6i what does the receiver LED do?
Unless it does the right things and in the right sequence then it is not bound to the transmitter and it will not work.
so i put the bind plug in and then turn on the receiver and the led starts flashing like normal, next i turn on the tx while holding the trainer switch, tx starts beeping, led goes out and it confirms that it is bound. starting to think that maybe my servos might have killed it, i know that they used to work, on my old helicopter, but that was sitting out in my AZ garage for 2-3 years.
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