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Elevon Mixing


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In this episode of Flite Test Josh and Josh talk about mixing! Watch as the team walks us through the process of mixing with 3 different Spektrum transmitters! Watch this video to see how to do it yourself.
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Very informative. Never gave it any thought to remove the prop. Great tip. I own a dx61 but the glimps at the dx8 was excellant because it had pictures. I like pictures :cool:

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Good tip guys.

If you're around helis long enough you learn to disconnect your motor before working on it for fear of spooling up with your fingers in the way. It makes sense with planes as well but removing the prop is easier than pulling motor leads.
Excellent video... Was out of town on Vacation, so did not get a chance to watch it... Very complete....

I wish I had seen this a couple years ago.. I worked with elevon's for a couple days. Nothing I did worked. Finally broke down and called tech support... All of about 30 seconds to get the fix... "SWAP THE ELEVATOR AND RUDDER CHANNEL", The only thing I did not try. How embarrassing... I hope this video helps someone out there. Thanks Josh and Josh.


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Very creative Checker. I would have never thought to do that and it looks like a workable solution. How does it fly? You would have to get that right because if that thing jumps the track you have no more elevator. I might do that just because it looks cool. I fly with a DX6i right now, but normal elevons are just so boring. Not to mention my experience with elevon mixing is the control surfaces need to be almost mechanically perfect. If one control surface is a little off the entire deal can be way off in the end and trimming out the plan can be impossible. This mechincal set up would fix that. You can trim one channel without having to deal with the mix.


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My old Futaba tranny although it has mixing capabilities also has no memories so if you fly several different planes it is not really practical to use.
My solution was to use one of these 'mixer' units.
Small (little bigger that the servo plugs) light and cheap you just plug the aileron and elevator channels from the Rx in one side, the two servos into the other and they are correctly mixed!
The two trim functions are not effected and it even uses a bit of the available servo over travel so you still have aileron control with the stick full back.
My Depron Skyray uses one.
It has worked perfectly, which is just as well as it is permanently built in within the fuselage! :eek:
I got some flight video the quality is a little lacking though. As for how it handles, generally a smooth flight with a tendency to twitch right or left when I get on the elevator.
The Skyray flies very well. Technically it is a ducted prop rather than a ducted fan. Very light (16oz) it flies at about scale speed.