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I'm a care bear...Really?
Ok guys got my electronics in, except a few problems. Motor and prop mounts were not shipped due to a small issue. That I can fix. The other problem is i was sent two different 12 amp speed controllers. Two turnigy and two hobbywing. Is that going to make a problem for me? Please help. I might be able to get the mounts tomorrow at the RC show I am going to but i need to know about the esc issue
A lot of turnigy ESC's are Hobby wing. Or maybe the hobby wings are actually turnigy... or maybe they are both something else, or.. or..

Anyway, the probability that they are identical except for the label is very high.


I'm a care bear...Really?
how sure are you, because im going to either request a swap to a different set or keep them and buy the parts i need tonight to mount these motors


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Keep then, you'll use them.

Try them too. Do the end point calibration, then try and see if they start at the same time, do they climb do the same RPM as each other?

Then you should be good.