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ESC trouble

Hey all! I'm new to the forum but been a Flite Test fan since the early days. I've been building quads for about 4 years now and have run into a problem I've never had before. I just switched my miniquad from CC3D to Kiss and I can't get my ESC's to recognize the FC. All they do is beep slowly like when they've been disconnected from a receiver. I'm running Simon K ESCs. I have done throttle calibration one at a time through the receiver and they work fine but once soldered to the Kiss board they're back to that slow beep. The FC shows all the perfect signals and even arms. If anyone has run across this same issue and knows how to resolve it I would love to know. Thanks, dronlvr


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I haven't run into this yet as I have significantly less quad experience. But since you are new to posting on the forum I did want to encourage you to be patient and allow some time for others to read and respond to your post. In the meantime perhaps you could share where you fly and what your experience and interests are.

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What ESC protocol is the KISS FC set to? The KISS FC supports Oneshot125, Oneshot42, and DShot, all of which may not be supported by Simon K. See if you have any of those options selected and can deselect them.


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I agree with Snarls. try setting it up for the protocol you used in the previous build . That should start talking to them and then you can re reflash and set it up to current and what ever your choice may be.

If that does not work some pictures would help us to work thru the issue with you, Video if possible as well makes it easier since we are not there with you.
Thanks so much for the information. So I switched the protocol to pwm because that's how I had it connected to CC3D initially but unfortunately it doesn't appear that you can run pwm from the kiss fc so i just got rapid beeps from the esc's telling me they aren't receiving signal from the receiver. I am going to try and upload a photo of my build. I'll give a close up of the FC and receiver. Thanks all. dronelvr IMG_1420.JPG
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Thanks Jim. I am new to the forum so here are some of my interests. I live near Seattle Washington. As I have stated before I love building and flying multirotors. I have built all kinds of camera platforms from small H-quads to a 900mm hex. I love taking aerial footage and flying FPV. I've had a 250 racing quad but have never had a really good controller on it so that's why the sudden interest in Kiss. I would like to get into freestyle and also use it for chase footage. Hopefully, I can figure it out soon. Thanks for all your help. dronelvr


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You are talking about the receiver to flight controller protocol. That is selected in the upper left where on mine I use Sbus. What you need to look at is over on the right side where mine says Dshot 600 in the esc mode pull down. That is where you tell the esc's what you want them to use.

Its hard to tell for sure from the small picture but it looks like you did a neat job so I will assume there is no shorts or anything and its just a matter of telling each part what you want it to use for programming.

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Thanks PsyBorg. That's exactly what I did. I tried all of the protocols under that drop down menu and the ESC's just keep beeping. There shouldn't be anything wrong with them because they were working when I took the CC3D out. Frustrating...


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Check and recheck your wiring and make sure literally one wire at a time that it is in the corect place going by the wiring diagram. Something simple is going on I am sure.
I have done that several times. The crazy thing is, if I un-solder an ESC from the KISS FC and plug it directly into the Receiver, it works just fine. So the board is not communicating between the ESC and receiver.


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do you have your channel maps correct? Look on the receiver tab and make sure your channel order is the same on both the radio and the FC. like if you have the radio set to TAER but the FC is looking for AETR that would make it think the throttle is in the wrong position and not let it arm and thus activating an alarm state.


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What ESC protocol is the KISS FC set to? The KISS FC supports Oneshot125, Oneshot42, and DShot, all of which may not be supported by Simon K. See if you have any of those options selected and can deselect them.
Snarls hit it here... From what I understand, if you want the true Kiss experience you need the ESC's to go with the FC anyway. You may be able to flash BLHeli on to yours, and maybe they'll do Oneshot125... Doubt it though, you're much better off upgrading.