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Ever Made an FPV Gate?

I recently discovered a very easy and inexpensive way to build an FPV gate for multirotors, but I was wondering what other people have done to make their own. FPV gates are very expensive to buy and not always the most cost effective or easy to build, but I'm sure there are some easy and cheap solutions out there. Go ahead and post your favorite ways of building them.

I'll start with my good enough for my purposes way of building a gate:
I found this stuff called Sharkbite Pex at Home Depot that is used for plumbing that is just flexible enough to bend into a half loop but not too flexible to collapse. It comes in 10ft sections for about $3.50 making it the most inexpensive solution that I have seen. It is also bright red, so that helps to spot it when flying. If you then head over to the hardware section, they have railroad spikes that you can use as an anchor.

Just about right for the MultiGP gate standard of 5 by 5 foot gates.
Very cheap and very easy to build.
Very durable, it would be hard to break this.

1/2 inch thick pipe could definitely be thicker to spot easier, this could be fixed by putting some pool noodles around it, but then that drives up cost a bit more.
Hard object that is more likely to break props on collision (it will flex enough to keep most anything else from breaking though).

So what have you come up with or do you have any ideas on a way to improve this design?

I will post pictures as soon as I can, probably by the next day after posting this.
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I use replacement fiberglass tent poles and some white fabric from Walmart. Then short pieces of pvp pipe as feet. It all rolls up nicely for transport too. I do the same thing for flags / pylons. I am redoing the fabric to make it all more consistent so everything is mix n match.
Nice, the cloth is probably pretty easy to see. I might add something like that to mine. Speaking of, here are a few pictures of my setup, gotta wait for next year to take it outside and try these two out, happy new year! The spike is zip tied to the pipe and then covered with tape to keep things from slipping. (Dog not included in final product)

WIN_20161231_21_20_10_Pro.jpg WIN_20161231_21_20_52_Pro.jpg