1. Matthewdupreez

    Help! Converting Rc Racing Car From Brushed To Brushless.......

    hi guys.. i have an old(ish) dirt/track racing car (rc) that i'm looking to "superpower" i've seen a couple of you guys do conversions on your cars, and i'm just wondering which motor set would be the best to use?? what to look for and any warnings/tips... here are some sets ive found so...
  2. J

    Use a quad setup on a 4 wheel drive RC

    From your YouTube channels you guys mention wanting to get more into RC cars and trucks. I want to see with your extensive knowledge a drone flight controller with ESC's on each spinning tire. With a motor on each tire they will spin at different speeds for stability and unique effects. I got...
  3. Mid7night

    For Sale: Diatone GT2 RTF Bundle

    Got this bundle in a trade, selling to make room for more projects. $200, plus shipping Frame: Diatone GT2 (2016) Radio: FlySky FS-i6 Charger: Turnigy Accucell 6 (needs powers supply) Batteries: 2 x 1300mAh 4S, 60C What's on the frame: Diatone Branded Edge Racing 2205 2300kv Spedix ES30...
  4. Snarls

    What I've Been Up To (In These Cold Months)

    I've been browsing the forum here and there, but I thought I should give an update about what I've been up to. Plus there is a new forum look I want to try out. Earlier this month, six of us from my university's drone club drove out to Purdue university in Indiana to participate in the...
  5. W

    Quad Not Arming Correctly HELP!!!!

    So, I've been flying my x:bolt 250 drone LOS for a bit now but I've always had an unusual problem, when i arm my drone, i have to 1st: turn on the drone and wait for receiver to start flashing. 2: hold power and bind button on my tx / wait for it to bind 3. by this point its binded and if i...
  6. R

    Flying on a LED racetrack FPV racing

    Couple of weeks back I flew on this amazing LED racetrack! This is the first time that I flew on a track like this. Im not really a race pilot but this was pretty fun!
  7. I

    Enjoying the hobby at an awesome new spot (Sunset included)

  8. R

    This is FPV freestyle

    Yesterday when it finally stopped raining I decided to fly some packs! My setup: Custom made 210 frame DYS F4 flightcontroller running BF3.1.7 Aikon Electronics V3.1 esc's Cobra Champions 2205 2300kv 5*4*3 props TBS unify HV video transmitter HS1177 fpv camera
  9. I

    Catalyst Machine Works Superlight V2 "Free Flight"

    My first freestyle video with the new Superlight frame after some racing practice. Hope you Enjoy!!!
  10. I

    FSIX X Cant Bind

    I just got a Fly Sky I6 X Model and I cant bind to my FSIA6B Reciever. I did programming in betaflight and it just wont bind. The light turns solid on the receiver but I cannot takeoff but it says it's connected to the receiver. I am using the Eachine Wizard X220. Please help me.
  11. R

    FPV log: 4 FREESTYLE pilot goes RACING

  12. D

    HELP--Racing Quad Build

    Hi all, First off I put a poll up to help decide what size frame to get. I'm looking to possibly build a mini racer, but I'm not sure what components to get. Preferably, I would like one that is around 100mm, and durable so when I crash there is a less chance of breaking things. :) I might...
  13. R

    found a new spot! FPV freestyle

  14. D

    DJI Snail Racing Propulsion System

    Hi, DJI recently came out with the Snail Racing Propulsion System, and it looks pretty good. But, I am having trouble finding any info about it/reviews. I was just wondering what peoples' thoughts are on the motors. Has anyone actually used them on a quad? Click here to go to DJIs site and...
  15. F

    First Post / Camera Mount for FatShark 700tvl CMOS v2

    Hello everyone, I am new to the Flitetest forums, and am looking for a camera mount for my new FPV camera. I just bought a FatShark 700TVL CMOS v2. I am new to FPV, and am looking for a cheap mount that can be tilted up or down, depending on how fast I want to fly. I know racers often use FPV...
  16. R

    Back in the forest again.. FPV freestyle

  17. X

    First Build - 1103 8000KV Whoop

    First Build - 1103 8000KV Whoop - Need Input Hello FT Community, I'm considering building my first quad, starting off small tiny whoop size. I already own a Vortex 250 and 150, along with an Inductrix FPV. I've been flying for 7 years, but recently have dived head first into the hobby, taking...
  18. R

    Ever Made an FPV Gate?

    I recently discovered a very easy and inexpensive way to build an FPV gate for multirotors, but I was wondering what other people have done to make their own. FPV gates are very expensive to buy and not always the most cost effective or easy to build, but I'm sure there are some easy and cheap...
  19. R

    Racing true the woods!!

  20. J

    First Racing drone

    Hey, I came across FT a few weeks ago and have been interested every since. I've had quite a few small drones, rc planes and just pre-ordered a mavic pro. I am now interested in purchasing a racing drone. I was curious if someone had any advice? I've been looking at builds of the 210 and the R5X...