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F-14 Real Size Scale Model

I am rebuilding a full size replica (a scale model) of an F-14 Tomcat. I am calling all of you, people, to action. Please give me drawings, plans, step by step guidance. The project is entirely for free, not for profit, so no money !!! Thank you.

Ihichi Bolls

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What is this project for? 100% scale replica is a huge undertaking.... not to mention not cheap.

What materials you plan to do it in? Im pretty sure if you use the FT foamboard you will fund several months of video production for them.

Might even get yer own episode :ROFLMAO:
depending on were you are living you'll need to get it sertified as this will exead 50Lb (USA). As well what is your power plant going to be edfs that powerful are extremly expencive and jet turbines would cause the plane to catch fire do to the heat. In my mind this sounds like a money pit. It would also be easier and much more benifical to use fiber glass molds. And due to the size and weight it have questionable flight characteristics!
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OP might just mean they are making a SCALE model vs a near enough model? Possibly a larger scale like 1:4 or whatever.


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Full size replica to me means its the same size as the real deal.
That's not really doable. Creating a full size Tomcat without a pilot would take the resources of a government. Regardless of the wording, I'm sure the op meant that it's scale, if perhaps really big.