F-14 Tomcat - Twin 70mm EDFs


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This is a project I've been thinking about doing for a couple of months now. I wanted to make it as scale as possible by making the wings variable in sweep. To do this, I am going to use a beefy FT glider release servo. Preferably a three position switch. There will not be any landing gear. My goal is to have this operational by Flite Fest Ohio. This is designed to be the same scale as my F-15, F-86, and MiGs.

Length: 160cm ~ 63in
Wingspan swept: 98cm ~ 39in
Wingspan open: 160cm ~ 63in
Powerplant: 2 X 70mm 12 Blade FMS EDFs
Battery: Not sure yet, either a large 4S or a smaller 6S

What's that you say? You want more F-14?? That's awesome because Chuppster is working on what looks to be a fantastic twin 64mm one which can be found here: https://forum.flitetest.com/index.php?threads/the-scratch-built-twin-edf-ch-f14.53876/

F-14 wing3.JPG
F-14 wing2.JPG


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Oh man, so many EDFs coming out, it's going to be hard to choose which one to build! I just watched Top Gun again a few days ago, so this might make its way into my rotation first.


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Beautiful picture, although it hurts a little to see her loaded with air to ground ordinance.

Your progress looks great so far, keep it up!
How much does the wing sweep change (if any) the center of gravity? Moving the CG on full scale planes seems to have far less consequences than on small, light models.


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I maidened it! It it flew alright and I'm probably gonna remake it. The variable sweep didn't work that well. On the maiden, one of the aileron servos conked out and got caught at full up deflection. Additionally one of the elevons came up. All of this resulted in a flat spin. I'm not joking. Goose didn't make it but Maverick survived and it did fly again. I'll post the video later.
F-14 Maiden.JPG
F-14 flying.PNG


Woohoo! Way to go man! That is a slick lookin' bird. I always liked the Tomcat. Nicely done. Looking forward to the video, and your updates. :D


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Wow, take my breath away, man. Flat spin huh, well, Goose would have gone back up, he would have hated it but he would go. You have to do like any good pilot (evaluate your situation and move ahead). Goose what not your fault.

Looking forward to the video.

Have you considered paint and graphics for when you get the build where you want it?