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I’m building a f-22 raptor and I have a grand turbo gt2215/10 1100kv. I’ve been using a 1045 prop on it but that’s to big for the slot on the f-22. Could I use an eight inch prop on that motor? Also have any of you used a 2200mah on it?

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I've run the FT-22 on an 8 inch prop and a C pack and it worked well, just not as much power as the 9 inch prop you'd normally use. Like @mrjdstewart said you could also use a 4s which would give you a bit more power. A 2200 3s will be a bit on the heavy side, but it should still fly. Keep in mind you'll have to scoot the battery quite far back in order to attain the proper CG.


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You did not say what the pitch of the prop was. If it is a low pitch prop, like a 3-4, then I agree with the others. It will fly but be under powered.
If is is a higher pitch prop, 6 or higher, you will be fine.


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Are you guys talking about the FT f-22 raptor right . what is the scale of your f-22. if you are putting a c pack power plant on it wow it bigger the the original ft-22 plans. i made the FT F-22 raptor a while back and i used to run it with a 2205 2200kv with a gemfan 6x4 prop this thing was fast, with a 1000mAh 3s 35c


Yes mine is just the regular size not the mini. And it flies great with that motor! Pretty much unlimited vertical even with a 2200 mah battery!