F-4 Phantom - Twin 70mm EDF Monster!!



F-4_iso2.JPG F-4_iso1.JPG

This is one project that I've actually been working on for quite a while, without posting ANYTHING about it here. I built #1 at Flite Fest Ohio, 2017, and it flew AWESOME. Flite Test even featured it a bit in their recap video. Ever since then, I've probably gotten more requests for plans for this jet than any other - which puzzles me because it's clearly NOT a trivial build!

But you all asked for it, and I promised I'd post plans when I finally flew my second build at home, so here you go! I'll put up as many build-pics as possible, but fair warning; they're not comprehensive. O_O So please ask questions as you go, I'll try to answer them as best I can, and hopefully others can learn along at once.


F-4 Phantom II
Power: 2 x 70mm 12-blade EDF
Battery: 5000-6000mAh, 4S
Wingspan: 36 inches
Length: 54 inches
Weight: 85 ounces - (5lb, 5oz) - (2.4Kg)

DISCLAIMER: As of this post (11/2/2017), the plans are posted in "AS-IS" condition....meaning I still need to make some updates, but it flies, but be warned. Mostly, I need to move the motor-mounts BACK to make room to move the battery and ESC's back as well. If you build it per-plans, most likely it'll be nose heavy - which isn't bad, just not ideal. But I've kept this to myself long enough, I feel like it just needs to be out there for everyone to have fun with. ;)

Also, you do NOT have to build the all-flying "Stabilator", you can get away with traditional elevators on a fixed horizontal stab. However, you will need two servos; one for each elevator.



Build pics below:

IMG_4584.jpg IMG_4585.jpg IMG_4586.jpg IMG_4587.jpg IMG_4609.jpg IMG_4610.jpg IMG_4614.jpg IMG_4616.jpg IMG_4619.jpg IMG_4620.jpg IMG_4621.jpg IMG_4625.jpg IMG_5082.jpg IMG_5083.jpg IMG_5084.jpg

Sorry there aren't more details on the build. If I find more, I'll post them. If you DO attempt this plane, PLEASE ask questions here so everyone can benefit from the answers!
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That does look amazing and the lines are perfect for the silhouette in the air. Cant wait to see one if full colors. If I could fly fixed wing and had money this would most certainly be on my to do list.

Maybe get you some of that truck bed webbing they use to replace the tail gate for better mileage and set it up on the field with large retracts as an arresting net for emergencies. That sticker bush is brutal on foam.


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What a beautiful plane. The retracts are awesome. I don’t know if I’d be willing to fly it, if I built it. I guess that’s part of the beauty in foam board.


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Looks great. Sorry you have to do some repairs now, that was painful, but also reassuring to see the "pro's" crash :)
Seriously good looking model. I would build and paint one just as a hanger queen with no electronics.
Hope to see you fly one at FFW.


That is incredible! The Phantom is my favorite plane of all time! Yours was seriously impressive in the air. I’ve been working on a pusher version. It’s simpler than yours, but I don’t think it’s too shabby! One thing I couldn’t figure out how to incorporate into mine was the curved fuselage spine. If you don’t mind, I may have to “borrow” your concept on how to accomplish that! I have a prop and slot F-15 that I’ve managed to fly, and crash several times, and what saved that jet was a replaceable nose like in the FT Viggen. My Eagle has had a number of “rhinoplastys”, and lives on today as a result. I designed that into my F-4 as well — it makes surviving my wrecks easier — I’m sure I’ll also need it with my Phantom!

Again, major congratulations!



That looks great!! Yes, feel free to take what I've learned on the rear turtle deck and incorporate it into yours.

I LOVE your canopy lines! :D

Also, that reminds me I need to put my inlet diverters on. :p


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@Mid7Night - again, pushing back the frontiers - excellent work!

@WeeVikes - love the color and detail on that plane.



DamoRC — thanks for he compliment!

Mid7night. — thank you very much! On my next redesign cycle, I will try to honor what you did with my jet.

The canopy is actually a clear one I molded, and I have a full cockpit underneath it. I’m still working out scale appropriate pilot figures and almost have it, so the next one should be fully “manned”.

Speaking of which, I’m highly impressed with your canopy. I would have never considered building one from foamboard like that. Well done!


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Most excellent mid7night. I need a better place to fly. My "rough" is a snake infested jungle of sawgrass , thorns and brambles 2.5m tall. I'm not sure that I would survive another jet accident :rolleyes:


Got the nose back together today, and opened up the tail to increase the elevator throw. Had to screw two servo arms together, but it's plenty strong. Once that was done, I could start on the paint! This week I'll be doing decals. :)



FINISHED!! All decal details are applied and tail-weight added to bring the CG back to a proper location. I didn't weigh it after adding the tail ballast, so I'm not sure of the new total weight, but I probably added around 8oz easily.

For all the graphics you see in solid-black, I did those by cutting out a paper stencil, tracing the outline with fine black Sharpie, and then filled it in with a chisel-tip Sharpie. The star roundels are just printed on paper and spray-glued on. ALL the other color markings (white, red, blue, black), they are all simply colored packing tape. The only paint is the gray base coat.

Also, I learned/made-up a new (to me) technique for simple and striking canopy lines: Cover your canopy with black packing tape as a base, then use a SILVER Sharpie to draw on the frame lines! Easy-peezy. They don't smear or smudge and look sharp.

As I did with my C-17 once it was finished, I got some sunrise shots on an empty blacktop. Enjoy!

IMG_5576.JPG IMG_5586.JPG
IMG_5577.JPG IMG_5578.JPG IMG_5579.JPG F-4_sunrise1.jpg F-4_sunrise2.jpg F-4_sunrise3.jpg F-4_sunrise4.jpg F-4_sunrise6-1.jpg F-4_sunrise5.jpg


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Wow that F-4 looks great, and it was a lot of fun talking to you and watching you finish up this build at FFE. If I could afford two edfs I would defintely build thing beauty, or I might just build it as a static model like someone else sugested.


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That looks amazing. I love me some callie vinyl graphics but those look really good. Last time i diy'd some graphics i used a computer lcd projector to trace but this idea looks very promising as well, i want to try it sometime myself now. I have seen guys use the silver sharpie to do simulator wear like metal scratches before but not the canopy, very nice. Theres just something extra about a plane with graphics that takes it up to another level. Great job. Hope it survives till FFW :)