F14 battery

Donovan Mahoney

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I'm thinking of saving up to buy the f14 and everything to build It but I was wondering what the recommended specs for the battery is because John didn't say anything in the video so if you do please let me know. Thanks!


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Weird that they don't say that anywhere. Watching the build video I heard the ESC beep 6 times, so it's a 6s battery, but that's all I know.
Edit: The F-18 calls for a 4000-6000mah 6s battery. I would assume the F-14 wants a similar battery.
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The 70mm twin EDF master series jets use the same power system. 70mm EDF with 80amp ESC using a 6S battery. For the F-14 I would go with a 6000mAh 6S pack...and this is what I fly in mine. Though my power system is from the E-flite Su30.