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F4 flight controller keeps burning a chip

I purchased, Omnibus F4 V2 Flight Controller STM32 F405 MCU Integrated OSD Built-in 5V BEC Current Meter. and have been super careful when installing it however i have burned out 2 of the FC's and its the LDO chip on the underside of the board the thing is when i plug it into the computer and tune it then i plug the battery and test the moters its all good once i blug the battery in again its smoked

Feeling frustrated but i know its not my fault because i have used the volt meter to make sure there isnt any shorts

i am using the martian III kit from ALIexplress and i have new ESC's with dshot 600 capable wondering if anyone has any ideas on why the LDO's might burn before i have a chance to even maiden flight

Thanks for the help

David BrinkFPV

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Wake up! Time to fly!
Several things to check. First make sure the wires on the battery are polarized correctly. There have been cases where the battery comes from the factory with polarity reversed. Second make sure the battery voltage is not exceeding the capabilities of the FC. Lastly make sure that what you are powering off the FC is not above the rated output for the bec. If you have a bunch of things powered off the fc you can easily smoke the built in bec's as most are not rated over half an amp.