Recommend a whoop Flight Controller replacement.


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Doctor told me I needed to find something to occupy my time now that I am on the disabled list.

Thought getting back into R/C Flying would be the ticket now that I have more time on my hands than I know what to do with.

Saved some money and decided I wanted to buy/build the equivalent of the Flite Test Tiny Whoop Brushless Kit.

Since they've been out of stock for awhile, (Due to the Christmas Season I'm guessing.) I hoped to piece one together.

Started by buying a meteor 65 V.2 frame, 802 19000kv boost juice motors, batteries, charger, Gemfan 31mm props, Radio Master T8 transmitter from Flite Test Store.

Found an R81 Receiver from another online source (i.e. eBay) as FT Store was out of stock and that is where the fun ended on this project.

Apparently, there are NO CrazyBee F4 FC Lite Flight Controllers in the country.

Searched eBay, again and ordered one internationally...3-weeks later and it was stolen out of the mail.... the company is making it right by refunding my money, but that still leaves me without said Flight Controller.

Is there a recommended alternative for this set up? Perhaps something that isn't impossible to buy/replace domestically?

I understand that Christmas Season probably wiped out the supplies, but I am frustrated to no end right now.


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