F51 Middax Aquadrone - waterproof GPToys Drone + Unboxing + Review + 3D improvements


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Hello friends!
Today I have prepared this thread, to share all experiments and you'd see things that go going to my
new little. This drone is waterproof! At last I could try .. really had wanted to have it, never before
i had a submersible dorne, and it seems as interesting.

The first thing that caught my attention is the small size. I expected bigger for the photos, but far from that
problem, I see a good advantage. It is portable and fits in anywhere, you can also get wet!


as you see has a simple line, with many bars ventilation and water for easily drain out water and the drone
can re-take flight.
The manufacturer claims that everything is waterproof. even the video camera.
The motors are sealed so that they do shorted are submerged, and also the plate
all circuits.
There is no problem with wetting the LED lights !!


Is not suitable for salt water (safe mind is not the best idea to put it in it), but still, I think it can have your profits.
RTF, just set the protections and legs the drone and you're ready to fly!


A rainy day you fancy flying the drone? the F51 nothing happens , is waterproof and can get wet without problems.
The manufacturer ensures that you can even record video underwater. (That i want to see).

It has an easy and is stable in perfect indoor flight, outside if it's windy (little) It is no longer fun .. also, in future
post in this thread and will comment the tests that go with doing.


we go with the unboxing !
this F51 MIDDAX brings on everything you need to fly. (RTF)

in the box:
Dron F51
Charger with Cable
two batteries (lasting about 5 to 7 minutes each)
Set spare Propellers
built-in camera
Detailed instruction manual and well explained.

A great point in his favor, and which I decided to buy this, are batteries using very common, and I have other drones,
so that the 7 minutes flight can be increased easily with a few batteries assured you have a good time.
Also in about 1 hour they are already charged again.


It has a striking color (orange version) perfect for not losing sight in places with high contrast.
plastic fuselage is reistaint to falls, propellers , perhaps because of its small size, * but being such a small drone, it just
does nothing when it falls.
Anyway the F51C brings a set of propellers and parts for when that happens and it breaks or loses some detail ..
much appreciated if you are new to this.


The transmitter , has a distance of 75 meters (approximately), and works in the 2.4GHz range.
It has 3 flight modes, Normal, Headless, and automatic.
The latter mode, not recommended, although it is assumed it has automatic back home, I did not work me any of the 3
times I've tried.
The mode headless, it works acceptably if the drone is near.


what about the camera?
is supposed to be HD quality but as expected is bad enough, the videos are regular quality, and the recording angle is too
steep and vibrates too much for my taste.

The controls take pictures and videos work well.


Main functions.
3 modes of different acceleration
pirouettes 360
Taking pictures and videos
Automatic back home (do not recommend)
waterproof (you can wash it all down without fear, even dipping)
LED position lights

is floating in water ?? NO !! ,, May be waterproof, but not float,, at the time that flood
* the hull, the drone goes quickly to the bottom,, forget to fly it under water ...
that will not work with this drone .. So if you do not want to lose it, better just landed in places where if there is a problem and
ends at the bottom, you can easy recover.


In short, it is a fun, affordable and have a good time drone. I recommend it :)



sporty and stable flight (interior)
3d flips & pirouettes :)
brings two batteries :)
You can get wet! no problem flying raining or land on water.
full waterproof
Bright LEDs and visible position.
720p camera built-cam (with sound)
Bring a bag to carry

The battery compartment is a loose piece (and can easily lose)
HD video camera are not of good quality :(
The manufacturer says you can record underwater,, I have not succeeded. file always goes wrong.


Improvements with 3D printing
As we know, I like to also do some things for my rc.
For this particular model, I thought somehow adapt the chassis to use batteries with more capacity.

Well, these or any other of the things that happen and I have to do with the F51, i will post in
this thread.
Suggestions for improving this drone welcome, please post any occurrence that you have :)

3D improvements:
big battery adapter


Recomendet Links:

Technical Data of F51 Maddix
3D print inprovements

Where to see more videos?
Where to buy it?

Video First Flight

Well here I leave it, I hope serve someone.

Thanks for getting here! soon will put new things

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