1. JGplanes

    FT DHC-2 Beaver review and first impressions video

    I promised you guys, when this came out, I'd post a review on my YouTube channel. Well, it's out! And the verdict is... Since the video, I've had a chance to mess around with it a little more, and I finally found something minor to pick on. The foam landing gear legs, just behind where the...
  2. M

    Not your typically warbird, The HSDJETS Zero

    It's incredible seeing warbirds that are not the typical Mustang or Spitfire. Join us as we look into this model and how well HSDJets did bringing this warbird from the Pacific to the modelers' hanger!
  3. DutchRC

    Jumper T12 (plus) Multi Protocol Transmitter - Review

    Hi there guys, Another radio? What do I need another radio for huh? Well to be honnest I definately don't NEED an extra radio, but I do like flying toy-grade quads around (indoors). Those quads usually come with pretty nasty radio's, so to upgrade that experience I opted for this new Jumper T12...
  4. DutchRC

    Diatone's 2018 Freestyle Quads - GT-Tyrant 530 & 630

    Hi there people :) so.. I'm pretty sure that if you are into quads, you noticed that Diatone released a Boatload of quads this year.. I think to manny actually, but I'm sure they thought things through :D All of those quads were racers / general purpose quads though (correct me if I'm wrong)...
  5. StatiK RC

    I fell in love with the FT MIG-3

    I built the FT Mig-3 at Flite Fest 2018 and had a blast flying the thing in combat. I had so much fun that I popped the electronics into a new frame as soon as I got home to make a review and show why this plane deserves to be in everyone's hangar. I even tried to destroy it, but it looks like I...
  6. C

    Reviews available

    Hello everyone, I have a small youtube channel however I am happy to say that it is growing very quickly. I do flight videos and reviews of quadcopters (I am also open to other RC related equipment) and as it is winter time and I am in the UK, the weather isn't great so I have lots of time to...
  7. K

    1.3m valliant

    please josh and josh i would love to see you do a review on the 1.3m valliant from horizon. i bought one and i think it is a great plane to fly if you all do a review it would show others how good of a plane it is and they can go pick them one up
  8. S

    3D Quad Flight

    With all the weird types of planes, copters, or other flying contraptions, I'm surprised they haven't tried a 3D Quad like the Quanum Chaotic 3D Quad. I have been looking into trying a 3D Quad and without many videos or reviews of an 3D Quads out there it's pretty rough. Also watching them try...
  9. S

    FT Simple Storch mini-review and relaxing flight

    Hey guys, I just made my first mini review of my FT Simple Storch out of Hobbyking foamboard ( actually only the frontside is made out of that foamboard). I hope you guys enjoy this video and I'm sorry for my English pronunciation ( English isn't my native tongue) . Hoping to get more...
  10. C

    RealFlight-X RFX Review - Latest but NOT greatest. Buy 7.5 instead while you can!

    Tried to post my review in FliteTest Store but as I didn't buy it from there I cannot post my honest review. What do others who've been tricked like me think of RFX? If you want to use your sim to learn to fly something, RFX is NOT the one to buy. If you want to FPV or hop on board your...
  11. _sOnGoKu_

    JJRC H23 Quadcopter & Car 2 in 1 Realy cool! Dual mode + Unboxing + Review + Videos

    JJRC H23 Quadcopter & Car 2 in 1 Realy cool! Dual mode + Unboxing + Review + Videos Hello friends, this time I want to talk a bit of the last drone that I have and receive, manufactured by JJRC and after take some surprises, worth creating a thread for it. H23 model is the car-quad or car...
  12. _sOnGoKu_

    F51 Middax Aquadrone - waterproof GPToys Drone + Unboxing + Review + 3D improvements

    Hello friends! Today I have prepared this thread, to share all experiments and you'd see things that go going to my new little. This drone is waterproof! At last I could try .. really had wanted to have it, never before i had a submersible dorne, and it seems as interesting. The first thing...
  13. V

    Hobbyking™ EPP Mini Edge 540T 3D ARF

    Been looking at getting this plane but I'm not sure yet, not many in depth reviews of it that i can find, and pretty much no build videos. Things Id like to know about it are: Flight characteristics Durability Top speed with the recommended set-up Build difficulty/ time Flight difficulty and...
  14. Andre

    GearBest Review. EKEN H8R 170 Degree Wide Angle 4K Ultra HD WiFi Action Camera

    EKEN H8R 170 Degree Wide Angle 4K Ultra HD WiFi Action Camera After the RunCam2 I was pleased to hear from GearBest again. This time I will be looking at my first 2.7K and 4K camera experience. Should be very interesting to see how this camera stack up to the previously tested models...
  15. Andre

    RunCam 2 Full HD 1080P WiFi FPV Camera from sent me a RunCam 2 Full HD 1080P WiFi FPV Camera for testing. Product link: RunCam 2 Full HD 1080P WiFi FPV Camera Price: $99 USD / $132 CND This is onther action camera: This is the action cameras accessories...
  16. Andre

    Phat Hawk Build/Fly & Review (

    While at Flite Fest back in July Chris from the After Hours Podcast tossed his 3DHS plane. I immediately wanted one. What a great way to have fun specially in a small area (like your back yard). Jason Uberig of saw my post and sent me a copy of his Phat Hawk 3D EPP plane to...
  17. Andre

    Mobius C2 Mini Action Camera (

    Product link: This little gem showed up yesterday and I'm very much looking forward to putting it through it's paces. Specs: Video: 1080P / 720p / WVGA 5 - 30fps wide 31 degree wide view angle Photo: Resolution: 2304 x 1536, 1920 x 1080, 1280 x 720 Tech: Maximum 32GB...
  18. K

    why dont you use balsa and heavy big planes.

    I see that generally in the show styrofoam planes are used they are light. Why dont you use heavy and big planes. Ex: A review about a rf4d fournier would be -awesome
  19. dannyboy70000

    FlySky FS-T6 Review

    Hi, this is a quick overview and review of the Flysky FS-T6 transmitter which i recently bought for my 250 class mini racing quad copter. It was around $80 and i was not that impressed with it actually, for a start it doesn't have an interchangeable module like the turnigy 9x does for around...
  20. I

    In Depth Review - Flying Cinema Cinetank Mk II

    I decided to make a review of my favourite quadcopter so far, the Cinetank Mk II from Flying Cinema. This quad is very agile, tough and fast. Here is a written condensed review: Highlights of frame - vibration dampeners WITH safety stoppers - big enough to carry gimbal easily - 7 to 9 minutes...