falcon 12


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I purchased a thunder tiger raptor . with the falcon 12 . does any body know what servos plug into what port .1,2,3,4,5,6. and where the castle talon 90 plugs into the receiver. thank you .


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Here is the channel order for the Falcon 12
The ESC (throttle) will go on Channel 1

For fixed wing models, the display follows the assignment below:
Bar 1 Throttle/brake servo or speed controller
Bar 2 Aileron or left aileron
Bar 3 Elevator or elevator/rudder in a V-tail
Bar 4 Rudder or rudder/elevator in a V-tail
Bar 5 Aileron right / free channel
Bar 6 Free or flap or flap left
Bar 7 Free or flap right
Bar 8 Free or 2nd elevator servo
Bar 9 Free or special function
Bar 10 Free or special function
Bar 11 Free or special function
Bar 12 Free or special function


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thank you .merv . I posted the same thread in heli freak , rc groups. also sent a email to graupner usa . so far you are the only one who has responded .so again thank you very much.