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Fatshark Dominator Headtracker Cable for DX8


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Hi All,

I recently purchased a second hand set of Fatshark Dominators with Head Tracking module. Naturally it came with the Futaba data cable but I have a Spectrum DX8. I have done some research on replacing the Futaba plug with a 3.5mm jack for the DX8.

However, there seems to be an enormous amount of discrepancy as to which of the 4 cable colours within the data cable is the Ground and the PPM. At present I have the Black to Ground (base of the 3.5mm jack) and the Red to PPM (tip of the 3.5mm jack). In terms of pins, when looking at the PS2 plug end (plastic tab down), black is bottom right and red is top right. Problem is that this is giving me very unstable, jittery input on Ch5 and CH6 of the TX. Basically not working.

Whilst I have ordered the genuine Fatshark/JR/Spektrum cable anyway, I am interested to have a go at solving this problem at least to determine if the HT is actually working on these goggles. Does anyone have a genuine cable they can test or does anyone know the correct pin out colours?


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