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FDS Quadventures


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Thanks to those of you who subscribed, I will try to keep the content flowing! A tour of my fixed wing hangar is coming up, as is a bit more flight footage and more “All the Gear, No Idea.”


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so I plugged the USB battery charger in for an hour and a half, turned it all on, lights were flashing but no one was home - seemed like there was no real battery charge. At this point, I have to say this quad is a toy my brother in law gave my son. it is about 30cm square with a 400mAh single cell. I decided to rewire the battery and main connection to a JST plug so I could put it on my charger. The battery was over discharged, so I jump started it on the NiMH setting at 0.2A then switched it over to Lipo - we will see what happens when it's done!