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FF2017 Int Racers: de Havilland TK4


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My entry for the air races is going to be the de Havilland Technical School design 4, or the TK4 or T.K.4 maybe...
Anyways a small sized plane, Its 6 meter wingspan equals just 1000mm at 1/6th scale :) very nice size.

I did find a nice build of a slightly larger model here >link, but i will be drawing my own plans in SketchUp and then export them for turbocad to do the printing. that always works best for me.

and photos

let me know what you think... and i will be hard at work reverse engineering nic's speedwing design lol :rolleyes:.



Maneuvering With Purpose
let me know what you think... and i will be hard at work reverse engineering nic's speedwing design lol :rolleyes:.

I think that wing looks like a winner. I'm seeing a VERY feint image of good 'ol S. Jack sitting in the cockpit.

I'll take one with the big motor please.


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I have been looking at the NTM 35-48 1100KV motor on hobby king it looks like a good fit for it, maybe with a 11 or 12 inch prop. Anyways it looks good on paper with the wingspan.

4 cells would give some nice power as well.


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been very busy working on it. progress photos below


the elevator/rudder are pretty close to done and i will cut them out and fit them together tomorrow, the fuse is fighting me and i dont like how it looks right now so i think i will try doing it over again.

its getting there


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ok much better fuselage design now i like it and i am continuing the fun now :)


also the "Fastwing" (hehe) is almost ready to proto in foam now


moving very fast... but still some work is left and the retracts will be fun, as i have never done retracts before lol :D



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Still working on the design every day, i am also cleaning my desk to have room to build it... lol as i didn't realize how large it really is.

and it was overdue anyways :black_eyed: haha

the fuse is cut out now and i will glue it together and glue in the tail tomorrow sometime...

I have decided to build two planes ( to test fly/crash the first one lol ) the first one 4 channel and the second one 6.

the 1st prototype will just be belly landing 4 channel and then add the flaps and gear into number two and make any changes to make it fly better :)


its still moving slowly along, more pics tomorrow as well.
very busy this week and i have been neglecting the designing and the building
I have a website up and will be posting all my designs there, the link is now in my signature below

there are more pics there of the tk4

i have lots done to get the powerpod to fit now
and next week i will be crunching down on the first one to get it flying asap



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Progressing still, motor has arrived and the design on sketch up is pretty much done.
more photos


there are also more photos and more specs on my website check that out

the fuselage is almost built and looking good photos to follow asap

Thanks nic, willson.. the holidays "flew" past in a blur. didn't get much done during lol

the prototype is almost flying the turtle decks are all done and the windshield is mounted in now it is waiting finial assemble to fly it.

i have all the electronics now to build a 4 channel and a 6 channel version and i just started cutting the second one out a few days ago

i will post more pics this evening if i can, i am quite proud of it as this is the first time i have rendered a "scale" model to this degree and it looks pretty good.. ...if i say so myself :)
learning curves ahead

As i have never had to "invent the parts" as i go before i found the best method for getting the poster board parts shaped right was with some cheap card stock paper and a pair of scissors


once they fit in nicely i then lay them out and transfer the measurements back into sketchup

i had tried "unfolding" them in sketchup first but they were for a different plane from the way they fit :rolleyes:

more pictures late tonight

X out