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Maiden Flight Ready Simple Scout.
AUW 600 grams.
Emax 2213 935 kv motor with 3S Battery with 1045 Propeller - Is it enough?
Plans show neutral thrust angle - I suspect A Torque Roll Here.

Elongated the nose to Balance CG.


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What can I do to remove Torque Roll? Am a Newbie to RC Flight.

The Motor is mounted directly To the Firewall. Is there a way to add thrust angle to it without ruining the screw thread?


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You can't remove torque roll on a single motor plane. You can help mitigate it with thrust angle adjustments. Washers between the motor mount points and the firewall are easy enough. Or you could make a new power pod with the thrust angle built in.

I've heard of people programing a switch to add some right rudder for launching, but I've never tried it.

Torque roll is most prevalent when throttling up. find your sweet spot on the throttle for launching and make sure you let the motor get to stable speed before tossing the plane.