Firefox Mig-31 twin 70mm EDF


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The final piece is the tail of the fuselage, off the end of F5 former. It is the tie shaped piece of foam. Remove paper from one side and shape it to curve around the 2 cone shaped pieces that make up the sides. Glue together and then attach to F5 former.


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Setup radio making the ailerons on the wing act as elevons, like a flying wing.

WARNING: For the front stabilizer, I mixed it into elevator channel so that very minimal movement happens, I seriously limited the throw. It moves up or down maybe 5-6mm each deflection. it takes very little movement in the front stabilizer to affect pitch. It should be setup as an assistant to the elevons, which provide plenty of pitch control.

Flying characteristics: Tracks straight and true, the delta wing makes it a slight rolly at slower speeds, and I added 40% expo to the elevons. But bring it in straight and it lands smooth and slow. Don’t try to bank hard at slow speeds, or you may stall.


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Update: sheet 1 of the plans is the wrong size, as well as the ply and card stock sheets. Standby for a plans update