Help! first build


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Welcome to the forums. A couple questions because your intro doesn't say much.
What parts do you have?
What kind of flying have you done in the past?
What are you looking to build?

The great thing about the FT planes is you can build, fly, crash and repeat, with very little time or money invested. Even repairs are simple and this forum is loaded with info from any of us at varying degrees of experience and build knowledge. We are here to help so copy cheat and steal. If you haven't decided what kind of plane you like or want to fly or just want some pointers at building I have a YouTube channel which has over 60 flying and building vids, link is here, check it out and see if this inspires you.


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welcome to the forums. As battleaxe said, what do you have in mind? From experience, knowing what you want before you get your hands dirty building things will save you time, frustration and (perhaps most importantly) money in the long run.