First build


I decided to practice the techniques before my speed build kit gets here, and I also need a mock up fusalage because I want to make the rear hatch operate.
There is definitely a little skill involved, I'm glad I practiced. So far I have learned.
1) Be careful not to cut the bottom paper when you are not supposed to, it's easy to do
2) When making an A or B fold put the loose part of the paper towards the table, it keeps it smooth and pretty.
3) In corners be sure not to get glue in your next fold, it is not easy to dig out.
4) think a few steps ahead, don't fixate on the step in front of you. Or you can get to the next step and... Dang it I didnt know the fit on that last piece was important and I just slapped it on there.
5) This is fun! It's a great balance of challenge and reward.

And You can make some big mistakes and still fix it easily, It's just not as pretty.


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The Hangar

Fly harder!
I'm glad you're having fun - I sure do when I build! One great tip for getting your score cuts all the way to the paper without going through it is to use a propeller to slide through the cavities. I keep a prop next to me while I build and it comes in handy all the time! Good luck with the rest of the build, and remember, even if they look messy, it probably won't affect the the way it flies, and you won't be able to tell from the air!


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For cutting folds I glue 2 single edge razor bales to a peace of foam set to the right depth one cut and both sides are done. When your build gets there try and keep it light as it will fly much better more glue does not mean more strength, and if you finish it with color remember you are adding alot of weight if not careful.