First Flight(s) of two of my kids


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My oldest's first flight was a short while back and he managed to pick up flying fairly quickly (probably faster then I did). Today, 2 of my other kids got a chance to fly.

both of them had issues with way over controlling.

My daughter somehow got the plane behind her in the time it took me to throw the plane into the wind and take one step over to be in reach to help her. Thankfully I had already got her to understand if the plan went that direction - cut the motor (flying toward the pits area) and it did and took a hard hit.

My son... this was the intresting one... I walk him through the controls. After learning from the first new try, I had my arms around him and my fingers over his and had my oldest hand launch the plane. Right as I say ok, my oldest throws and my son pushes the stick as far as it goes.... with the expected result of the plane going straight nose down into the ground. I saw the finger movement and was trying to grab his finger, to no success. Joy to computer games and the upside down elevator behavior in most of them.....

Thankfully these were all flights with a FT Tiny Trainer, we managed to quickly fix multiple hard crashes that day... However by the end of the day, it needed a replacement of the nose (and we went through a few power firewall/powerpod mounts). They both had a great time.