first flite test plane! wow


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Ive always been flying rc something most of my life and have been watching the flite test vids for years. I got a lot deal on some gas/electric airplane stuff and started fiddling to see what needed what. I had one of those big eflite air tractors, large balsa wood planes with heavy servos and nice electronics. After about 10 flights and 3 good crashes I gave up on it, cg was good was just a handlfull to keep in the air and not fun to fly. Frustrated I pulled the the electronics and said screw if till another day. So I ordered a bushwacker kit and crossed my fingers hoping I could make the motor/battery combo fit/work. Me and the family sat down and built and painted the whole kit and had a blast. . That was my maiden flight attempt, had some sort of esc issue that caused me to lose motor power 30 seconds in but managed to take it down "softly" in a tree. With that issue solved and my controller set up all I can say is wow, Hands down the smoothest and most fun rc airplane ive ever flown. I was truly shocked that this was a mere 35$ 4 sheets of foam board a day before. I love the scale takeoffs and landings (although my horses dont) and although I dont think I have my rates and expose right for 3d mode it seems to be able to do most things I can throw at it. Im excited to work on my 3d flying again while still being able to do sweet stol landings all around my farm. Cant say enough good things about the build and the flying I highly recommend it to anyone who's on the fence. heres a vid of a more successful takoff,