First FPV drone experience


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A friend got me hooked on trying fpv, I picked up a emax freestyle a used set of fatshark dominators v2 with a Laforge module and a frysky qx7 transmitter.

Weather has been lousy for the emax, so I also picked up a used whoop that I can use indoors, it has a spektrum receiver so I use my dx6i with it.

I am learning that quads are much more involved than fixed wing, which I have flown for years. I fly much better LOS than fpv, but expect to get better with practice.

So many videos to watch on youtube:) hopfully I will be building one in the near future.


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I also just got into flying fpv with a BetaFPV 75S. I had earlier purchased a camera and the EV800D for use with a flying wing, but it was too much for me right away. The 75S like a tiny whoop is great for practicing and getting used to FPV. I am really enjoying just taking it for a walk around the house and then donning the headset after a few batteries. It has helped to see what the drone can do before restricting vision to a 1st person perspective.

Good luck and enjoy!
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Ihichi Bolls

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Ahhhhhnnnnnd the hook is set.

Once you realise you MUST use coordinated turns it clicks and fpv becomes like driving a car just more fun.

Get as much non auto level time as you can. Otherwise you just reinforce airplane habits and wont progress as fast.

Cut the rates back on any non whoop to 500 dps no expo just use super rate to make the curve you are comfortable with.