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First FPV flight!

Finally got in the air with my FPV system today. All I can say is wow, wow, wow! What a cool experience. I have the Teleporter V3 I got for Christmas. For the money you can't beat the value. Will have to get some CP antennas and maybe a better camera, but for now I'm hooked, can't wait to get back out and do it again.


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Just got the Fat shark teleporter v3 too! Today actually, and already tried them out on my quad. Love them so far. I know I need to build circularly-polarized antennae too but they're still decent in an open field. The camera they come with is far superior to the quality that the goggles can produce but if you're talking about video recording its still not half bad at 720p. I was lucky and already had a gopro. And yes, what an experience! I can't wait to try it on an airplane.
I did my maiden flight with FPV today. It was way up north in sweden on a frozen lake. The sky was white, the ground (ice and snow) was white. I had no osd and everything looked the same. Damn it was exciting. I did the flight without spotter alone and it was so amazingly exciting. I use a Hitec Skyscout with the Fatshark Predator 2 FPV kit (250mW transmitter and stock antennas), as radio i have a turnigy 9x with a frsky module. So in theory i should have about 1 km of video and 2 km of r/c range with this setup. Actually this was "second maiden" first maiden i managed to get snow on the camera so when i got up to cruising altitude and pulled down goggles it was all grey. So i had to look at the plane and turn it and try to fix the goggles and eventually land since it didnt work. So maybe this maiden flight was even more exciting because that first mishap with no video signal. Anyhow after first flight it was obvious that it was so much easier to fly the plane FPV than it was LOS. It was super easy to land also. The difficulty was navigating. So i will have to hook up the osd and gps to it so i can see where home is and how far out i am. I also need to get something that can record the video signal. Since if i lose the plane i will atleast have the last known gps position if i have a recorder running. Now i have nothing... without spotter its damn near impossible to find the plane again im sure. Since the world looks so much less detailed when seeing it from a small on board camera.


Might add that i have walking distance to the lake and i live in Luleå. Next thing i want to do is to add my G OSD and something to record the video signal so im not totaly fucked if lose signal. Atleast i will know where to search. Now its just guesswork without a spotter. As groundstation im thinking of using a asus laptop with a composite video to usb adaptor so i can record on it. Batterytime should be enough, a hour or so. I will take the feed from my predator video goggels. This would mean i could get a recorder for like 50 euro. For those that live in sweden i found one at teknikmagasinet ment for "recording" your old vhs tapes on your computer. Havent tried it yet. Would like to have a spotter with me since people can walk up to me now without me seeing them and having a small laptop as groundstation is just asking for someone to steal it :D

Oh this is a expensive hobby but damn so exciting and you can always evolve. Actually i have 3 planes, a Hitec Skyscout for FPV a HK atom for learning to fly (damn those propps suck in the cold they are like crackers so flew twice and both propps got destroyed so now i have a HK atom with no propp and dont know what to get for it either). I also have a HK miniswift wich i purchased after the Hitec Skyscout since i wanted to have something small that i could fly nearby on a field in summertime. I teached myself to fly reasonably well. That is i can fly and land. But really its so damn hard to see what way the plane is going, i dont have the feeling for it (i guess im still a noob in that regard) specially with a white plane and a white background... so i painted the bottom of the plane black and added black stripes on the body so now its pretty easy to spot in the sky.

Now its actually perfect flight weather here around zero celsius (at zero celsius water frezes) so you can actually be without gloves and enjoy the sun while flying.

Anyone else near Luleå in Sweden who flies fpv ?