Help! First post and need help with a FT 270 quad build


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Hi all,
I am in the process of building my first quad and have hit a snag. Total newb but learning quickly!
All went well as I was following along with the Flite Test FT 270 build video until it came time to flash the ESCs. Flite Test E-Pack 2 (Lumenier 2206 2000kV/ Lumenier BLHeli 30A ESC). DYS F4 Pro. 2 FC. For whatever reason the #3 esc wouldn’t flash. After reconnecting a couple of times I was able to flash it but it wouldn’t write. Checked my solder connections and they appear ok but now I’m not able to see my #3 esc at all in blheli configurator. Side question, if one esc or motor is bad will that prevent the other 3 from operating in beta flight motors?
Thanks for any help!!


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Is this a duplicate thread? I just answered this the other evening. Maybe I did not hit enter.

Did you run just the signal wire to the esc's or did you run the ground wire too. Some esc's are picky when it comes to flashing.

If you don't have ground wires add them at least to do the flashing.


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It's a duplicate. Sorry
I'll add grounds and let you know if that helps. Thanks!
Subbed to ur youtube channel. Lots of good info there for me!