Motors won't move and receiver won't connect to flight controller.


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I have been trying to finish up my first quad build. I have wired everything up according to the speedy bee f7 manual and gotten the flight controller connected in Beta flight. I have been trying to setup my receiver and ESCs/motors.

I have gotten the receiver to bind with my transmitter. The receiver has a solid green light. but I cannot get it to do anything in betaflight. I have made sure to have the correct port turned on (UART1) and have it configured for S-bus under the config tab.

I have been able to flash my ESCs to the latest firmware through BLheli suite and BLheli configurator. However, I am not able to adjust motor speed etc. in beta flight or BLheli suite. I made sure to click the disclaimer warning against props and I can move the sliders but it does nothing in Blheli suite and betaflight.

Any input would be helpful as I have spent countless hours trying to figure this stuff out. I have learned a lot but I am still stumped.

Lumenier SpeedyBee F7
Hobby king sf700s s-fhss futaba receiver with S-Bus
Lumenier BL-heli 30A Escs
Lumenier 2206 2000kv motors


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Update: I was able to get all motors working by changing the ESC/Motor protocol to Oneshot125.
I still can't get this receiver and transmitter to work though!


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You have to select the port you wired the receiver to in the ports tab. Save that before changing pages THEN go to the configuration tab and choose the receiver type and protocol of your receiver