First quad build analog or digital? / chasing a disc golf disc


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To start I have been flying RC planes for 3 years now. So I have a transmitter (x9d) along with batteries mainly 1300 3s batteries. Along with other supplies for the hobby. Recently I got a drone simulator (the DRL one) and have been having a lot of fun with it. For my senior project, a good accuses to get into quads, I want to build my first quad and use it to get some good freestyle footage. But my main goal is I want to chase a disc golf disc through the air. Similar to how rotor riot chases the arrow and the skeet shooting. I want to get close to the disc and flip over it and mainly get close-up footage of it. For anyone who doesn't know a disc golf disc is roughly 9.5 inches in diameter or the size of a small dinner plate. I have seen videos of people trying to chase discs but I personally want to get footage with a closer up follow flight of the disc. I have a rough idea of the quad I want to build, I want it to be 4s so the batteries are cheaper but still powerful and if I could use some of my 3s batteries for more flying time I would. I want tbs tracer if it will fit in the budget. Emax eco II motors because there supposed to be good motors while being cheap. An F7 betaflight flight controller because they're cheaper than kiss and a 4 in one ESC of some sort. And the frame I was thinking the FPV cycle glide. But the one thing I can't decide on is analog or digital and if digital shark byte or DJI? people say analog is hard to see compared to digital but watching Mr.Steele DVR of analog actually doesn't look that bad. And the other thing is if I went analog I could fly tiny whoops. But is analog clear enough to chase a disc golf disc through the air? DJI is a good option however I feel like the VTX is always out of stock. With DJI I could get the BDI adapter to fly tiny whoops later on if I wanted to, and people say analog on DJI googles isn't that good but for tiny whoops I would think they would be good enough. Finally fat sharks shark byte the first thing with shark byte is it's expensive to get into and I heard/read that is just barely better than analog. But shark byte would give me HD and later if I wanted a nice analog setup I would already have good googles for it. I truly cannot make a decision on what googles/ analog or digital system I want. And I know good goggles will make the experience that much better so I think it's worth spending more on the goggles. I have a month or 2 before I need to start buying things for the project. Any input on anything I have said would be much appreciated, I have asked questions on the forums before and I know the people here are super helpful.
Thanks, keep on flying

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It depends on what camera you use because if you use a high end one it will be like steeles but it may turn out to be bad. I would look at steels quad and find the cam and do it analog to save money and you can then fly whoops on rainy days

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DJI is basically unattainable now, as it is frequently. Go analog.

Also, don't buy the Mr. Steele RunCam. That is a 4 year old design that has been recycled and sold for way too much money. Get yourself something with a higher TVL and you'll have a good time.