Solved Trouble pairing Fatshark Dom HD2 with tiny whoop

Hey folks! I was recently given someone’s old (nearly new) fatshark Dominator HD2 goggles with the NexwaveRF 5Ghz receiver module in them, and I can’t seem to get them to show the video signal from my tiny whoop. I’ve been flying with RHD430 goggles just fine and matched the dip switches on the NexwaveRF to the frequency my RHD goggles are receiving and tuned the channel up/down on the fat shark, but no dice. Just a solid grey screen.

What am I missing? Is the NexwaveRF module a digital receiver vs my analog vtx or something? Been reading lots of manuals and watching YouTube’s about setup with little success…
Solved! There’s a button on the top of the goggles that’s ALSO an X/Y axis toggle… The X-axis changed it to a new video mode and voila, they work!