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Pumpkin drop event

First RC scratch build- tricycle gear trainer (winter build)

In looking at all of the flite test foam board aircraft I noticed very few of their planes use a tricycle landing gear configuration; which led me to attempt to create a 3 channel trainer using one of my previous glider designs. A second inspiration for the model was the fuselage of the Cessna-172 which is embedded in some of the design. I started the project about a month ago however with balancing school-related activities. The landing gear was all created out of spare parts I had laying around from previous aircraft. I hope to possibly find a way to create plans for the aircraft if it works! 96E62B1A-A61F-4CF2-90CE-C9A78C1E62C5.jpeg F7DD96D3-F441-4C23-A73E-1C505C3E9461.jpeg DC108836-CA89-4414-9008-CCCA39B6F913.jpeg 71512DB3-1A0F-47F0-A15F-8FC8764BA271.jpeg E8E1DC75-1A8A-43A8-9A20-F6F66238D217.jpeg
Well done !

I like that she sits with the nose pointing up. I think this will help to unload the front Wheel as soon as you gather speed and prevent it from digging in the first bump.

au revoir
I didn't even consider that, thanks. I figured having the nose point up would allow for good prop clearance and additional lift.


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I like it!

One thing to consider is that with a T-tail design, the horizontal stab and elevator will be out of the propwash. This means that while taxiing you won't be able to unload the nose (to prevent prop strikes) by holding up elevator. Also, you won't have authority on the elevator until you achieve flying speed on your takeoff roll. Just something to think about.