First Time Flying a Miniquad (in real life)


I have been super busy with school and just got a chance to get out flying after getting sand out of the mini quads motors after a failed attempt at a first flight.
here is a little cut of my flights this weekend. Prior to this, I have only flown on the simulator and a Tiny Whoop with no power... that's the next thing I need to fix... :cautious:
and of course many many airplanes.

I'm flying a stock Furibee GT215 firedancer, supah cheap for the performance. which has all the motor threading the same direction, which can cause mishaps like at the end of the video. Im using a Graphene Panther 75c 1300 4s, gopro 5 session, Attitude V4s, and Dal triblade cyclone props. The tune is stock betaflight, it definitely needs work, as I have yet to change the rates to be more sensitive, hence the slow rolls.


Wake up! Time to fly!
Well done mate. Good first flights and a decent edit on the video.

Get some M5 nylock nuts from the local hardware store. Youll never lose another prop. Do get spares as if you are anything like me you will drop them in the grass on ocassion when changing props and lose them that way.

The tune looks well enough to start. Get your rates sorted before trying any tuning.

Also maybe raise your min throttle 5-10 points. That will help you to stay at a steady height when in ground effect close to the ground so you are not up and down on the throttle.